October 17, 2007

2008 Music Fest - Now here we go again

We previously reported that after being caught on film last year feasting and drinking in their exclusive tax-payer funded Musicfest VIP tent, fit with celebrity port-a-potties, the county made sure they didn’t do it again - get caught on film that is.

This years Musicfest VIP tent was set far off and out of sight and out of reach of a camera’s zoom lens. Therefore, it was necessary to return the next morning, which was a Sunday, and take a peek around.

Last year the county left their mess until after 9 a.m. on Monday morning. I arrived slightly before 8 a.m. on Sunday and found a Parks & Recreation crew already on the job. Next year, the county is going to have to get up a bit earlier than that if they want to hide their tax-payer funded party.

The following photos were taken of the aftermath of this year's Musicfest VIP tent party. Open Public Records Act requests were returned with the following responses:

The county has no catering bills for the VIP tent catering

The county has no alcohol bills for the VIP tent alcohol

The county has no permits to serve alcohol to their VIP tent guests

Bottles being carted away in a county golf cart:

A county parks sign:

Taxpayers Port-a-John:

VIP Tent Port-a-John complete with flowers, sink with soap dispenser, doormat and a mirror for checking your lipstick:

Previosly reported:
Freeholders VIP Compound