July 02, 2008

How Can the State Continue to Fund a "Breached Contract"?

Five Union County Towns Submit Resolutions to Stop the Funding of M&E Freight Railway

Submitted by: Richard Lenihan

The Coalition to Stop the Train has sent copies of Resolutions passed by five municipalities to 19 lawmakers and state officials, including the Governor, Attorney General, and the Union County Manager.

The main impetus for the municipalities' common demand to "terminate funding" is Union County Freeholders' failure to enforce definite and specific stipulations listed in the May, 2002, contract with the Morristown and Erie Railway. The Union County Freeholders thereby have breached their June, 2000, contract with the State Department of Transportation, which charged the County to "monitor and supervise all provisions" of the M&E contract.

All of the taxpayer funding, $14.6 million to date, for this freight railway has been squandered. Now in the seventh year of a ten year contract, there is no due compliance to each of the breached contracts.

All supporting documentation can be found HERE

Coalition to Stop the Train

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