September 15, 2007

Musicfest VIP compound

After being caught on film last year feasting and drinking in their exclusive tax-payer funded VIP tent, fit with celebrity port-a-potties, the county made sure they didn’t do it again - get caught on film that is.

This years VIP tent was set far off and out of sight and out of reach of a camera’s zoom lens.

In this photo you can see in the foreground is the beer garden, which was surrounded by fencing and open to the general public. Behind the beer garden are trailers and behind the trailers is the VIP tent (green and white stripe top), the sides of the tent facing the public were covered with tarp.

In this photo you can see the VIP tent tarps which covered the two sides that faced the public. There was another tent for the county Police outside of the VIP tent.

In this photo you can see the VIP tent from across the lake. This was the closest a 300 MM zoom lens could get. The only 2 sides of the tent that aren’t covered with tarp faced the woods.

In this photo you can see how the tent was protected with vehicles surrounding it.

The hastily constructed bridge was heavily guarded and off limits to the public. It led to the back of the main stage and the VIP compound. The county has denied that this bridge which cost $117,000 (not including a 500,000 engineering fee) was built just for this convenience.

This year’s music fest cost well over twice as much as last years. The county manager was quoted in the Ledger stating that they received $200,000 in sponsorships. He also claimed it won't be shared with the promoter, however, you can click HERE to read the promoters contract. Even $200,000 barely covers the cost of the new bridge.

It will take a few months, but the UCWA will hunt down every bill. But, there are costs that we will not be able to quantify. Such as the use of the on-duty Sheriff’s officers to pick up band members at Kennedy airport in their county vehicles at 1pm yesterday. The Sheriff’s department and county police are on hand all weekend working as a car service for music fest personnel including delivering them to a party at the County Manager's house last night.