October 23, 2007


“Shame on You Ralph Froehlich”

A Message to Sheriff Froehlich:
Take Down Those Illegal Pole Signs

We realize that old habits die hard and that this guy is an old time politician but come on already!

One would think that since he is among the highest ranking law enforcement officials in the county and probably the longest serving sheriff in the country he would simply comply with the law instead of thumbing his nose at it.

Sheriff Ralph Froehlich currently has hundreds of campaign signs illegally posted on public utility poles from one end of Union County to the other including the one pictured above which is posted right outside of the building bearing his name. Besides being an unsightly blight on the landscape of Union County, the pole signs represent a slap in the face to the very residents who have repeatedly entrusted him to uphold the law. These signs are not only in violation of state law but local ordinances in some of our municipalities as well.

We would like to point out that Sheriff Froehlich rarely misses an opportunity to publicly commend himself for running his department in what he believes to be an up-to-the-minute cutting edge style frequently bragging that he is always looking to institute new, inventive programs and technologies. That being the case one would think he would step into the 21st century when it came to campaigning and expect that he would not feign innocence again this year by blaming others for this unsightly barrage against good taste.

Why than does he continue to campaign in an old fashioned manner plastering the county with these ugly and illegal signs reminiscent of the days of Boss Tweed and high button shoes?

· Is it because he has been in office for so long that he has forgotten who pays his salary and what they expect.
· Is it because he does not take his oath of office seriously especially where he promised to uphold the laws of the state and county.
· Is it because he thinks he is above the law.

Whatever the reason it is time that he stopped being a hypocrite and showed some respect for the taxpayers by respecting the laws that he vowed to enforce.