June 07, 2005

Hello, We Are The County Watchers

Welcome to the COUNTY WATCHERS blog - an idea developed by Tina Renna of Cranford and Sergio Bichao of Hillside.

Our purpose is keep the residents of Union County posted on the doings of their county government, which is often called the "invisible layer of government."

But it is only invisible because people don't know where to look, or that they should look. It is invisible because all too often the local press don't bother to help people look.

We at COUNTY WATCHERS will do our part shed some light on the situation.

For months now, people on Tina's mailing list received updates on her adventures in county government. You may have seen her in the papers, blowing the lid on the Freeholders' use of your taxes to pay for their propaganda around election time, and successfully suing the county to lower their fees for copies of public documents.

Now we all can read about what she uncovers right here on this space.

Sergio Bichao was the editor of the former dahiller.com - an independent news website that covered Hillside news and politics. He is no stranger to the internet - or to putting politicians on blast on the internet.

We hope the list of County Watchers continues to grow. E-mail us at countywatchers --at-- yahoo.com