June 13, 2005

Former Freeholder Mingo Is Luckiest Man Alive

This letter appeared in various weekly local newspapers in Union County as well as the Star Ledger in February 2005.

Mr. Lewis Mingo, of Plainfield, whose Freeholder term expired in December of 2004, has accepted a full time position as Confidential Aide and Director of Senior Services with Union County, at a salary of $65,000 a year.

It has not been a secret that he “decided” not to run for another term on the Freeholder Board because of changes of power within the Plainfield Democratic Committee and as luck would have it a position with the county just happened to come available.

Luckier still for Mingo is that the job happens to be working in an area he says he has an interest, children’s and senior issues, what an amazing coincidence. Of further interest is that he will be concentrating on issues affecting the elderly in the western end of the county. Plainfield happens to be in the western end of the county where he resides and the job is anchored in a Plainfield office, what good fortune.

The powers that be insist that this job was not created specifically for the former Freeholder yet according to the county government’s Press Secretary and Director of Communications Sebastian D’elila, the job “was fine-tuned to meet the issues of the western end” of the county. And how fortuitous it is that by taking this position and more than doubling his county salary from part-time, Freeholder, to full-time employee he will greatly increase his county pension upon retirement.

Lewis Mingo is quoted in the Worrall Papers as saying “it just happened and the timing was right”. Oh that all of us should just happen to be in the right place at the right time like Mr. Mingo, he certainly is a lucky, lucky man.