June 26, 2005

Freeholders' Generosity is Heartwarming

The following letter appeared in the Westfield Leader/ScotchPlains Fanwood Times in March 2005

It warms my heart knowing that Union County’s current Board of Chosen Freeholders is so very concerned about Robert Codey’s financial security that they are paying him $46,731 annually, over and above the $93,268 salary that the state of New Jersey is already paying him. Additionally I feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that Union County’s generosity will add another $36,000 to his pension, which will be based on his highest years earnings, he is now eligible for a pension of $98,500 a year upon retirement.

Robert Codey, NJ's acting governor’s brother, is a deputy state attorney general and on loan to the Union County Prosecutor's Office to contribute his talents in prosecuting Organized Crime Cases. Certainly a welcome addition to the team, he temporarily replaces our most experienced organized-crime prosecutor who recently retired but what the residents of Union County may not realize is that we could have gotten this guy at no cost. It has been said that Mr. Codey did not come looking for additional dollars to accept this assignment but rather Union County offered it, and get this, he will be making more than our County Prosecutor - his boss - and more than over 100 others who out-rank him.

Does this action strike anyone else as a bit odd? Has this all-Democrat Freeholder Board opened a can of worms by setting a costly precedent and will Union County be looked upon as the place to make a quick cash hit? All of this aside I can now comfortably sleep at night secure in the knowledge that because of our concerned freeholders Robert Codey will not become a drain on society when he reaches his golden years.


Well, that didn't take long did it?

As most everyone is aware, Robert Codey, has announced his retirement already. He will be leaving the Union County Prosecutors Office in September exactly one year after his arrival. I guess his "work" here is done and all the organized crime cases in Union County have been successfully prosecuted. Funny I don't recall hearing or reading anything about his job performance.

Well, actually his work here is done, he will have successfully jacked up his pension to the tune of $36,000 more annually, plus thanks to the freeholders he will have pocketed a hefty bonus. Not too shabby.

Our freeholder board should be ashamed of themselves. It has been painfully obvious since the get go what was going on here. The real crime is that this board allowed the residents to be used in this way.

Of course they will lie, cry and deny that pumping up Codey's pension was not the reason behind their financial largess. However most people would have to agree that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it certainly isn't a rooster.