September 08, 2006

Para transit passenger was discovered on roadway in Roselle

2003 Campaign piece

According to a complaint I came across at the Union County courthouse this morning, operators of a Union County para transit van were oblivious to the fact that a passenger had fallen, or was ejected from the rear door of the van, until approximately one block down the road. The passenger died the same day.

A law suit has been filed in Superior Court on June 5, 2006. The suit alleges that the operators of the van did not properly make sure that a passenger was belted, and/or they failed to inspect, repair, and maintain the rear door of the bus to make sure it was in proper working and/or mechanical order and in a closed and locked position.

On June 4, 2004 at or about the intersection of Amsterdam and Myrtle Street, Roselle, Adrian Riordan, who was a passenger in a Para transit vehicle was discovered on the road way. As a result of the negligence, careless, and recklessness of the County of Union, Adrian Riordan prior to his death, suffered severe and permanent injuries, severe pain, and loss of life’s enjoyment.

View complaint by clicking here.

I checked county resolutions dating back to 2004, there was nothing about this case which is called McCloud vs County of Union et als. I don't recall reading anything about this in Freeholder meeting minutes. I surely don't recall reading anthing about this in a newspaper.