September 04, 2006

Courage is the secret of liberty

Over 2-dozen citizens who helped sort through absentee ballots are witnesses to the voter fraud that occurred in Roselle this past Primary Election Day.

It takes courage (and money) to rage on against the Union County Democrat machine. Besides the pettiness of being dragged through the mud and targeted to loose a job, contract, or client, they are well entrenched in our legal system and justice does not come easily, if at all, for those who dare to seek it.

There is a fight raging on in the courts right now for a spot on the ballot this November for a council seat in Roselle. On election night all indications pointed to Democrat Christine Dansereau as the winner against Rosemarie Bullock who was backed by the Union County Democrat machine.

Then the absentee ballots were counted which put Bullock ahead of Dansereau 284 to 265. Of 62 absentee ballots cast, 54 were for Bullock. When one considers that a total of only 5 absentee ballots were filed in Linden’s 1st Ward primary for the same election, it’s impossible to believe the Judge who called Dansereau's case ”convoluted, contradictory and confusing” isn’t corrupt.

Bullock reportedly said "I won fair and square," "Sometimes disappointment hurts. She (Dansereau) needs to do something positive for the community."

Christine Dansereau is doing something positive for the community. She is raging on against the corrupt machine politics which last month managed to legally steal an election and 3 luxury cars with the help of Superior Court Judge John Malone who is a former Democrat municipal chairperson who’s wife works for Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage. It’s scandalous that this judge isn’t reclusing himself from politically charged cases.

Each of the ballots in question cast bears the signature of Councilman at Large Jamel Holley, a Bullock supporter who would like us all to "move on". Holley, works for the Union County Improvement Authority, of which Charlotte DeFalippo, the Union County Democratic Chair, is the Executive Director. Holley is also the Chairman of the Jamel C. Holley Civic Association. This non-profit association, whose application for 501(c)3 status has been pending for two years, frequently sends mailings targeted to seniors in Roselle.

This week an invitation was sent to attend a party at La Brassas in Roselle. In July a letter was sent “informing” seniors of the Union County Senior’s Nutrition Program. The letter reads like Holley is the facilitator of the program. It seems there is no end to the Democrats mail scams targeting potential voters with tax-dollars in the form of postage, or in this case, with tax-funded programs. (Click here to view letter.)
Dansereau has charged Holley and other bullock supporters encouraged people to use absentee ballots, helped them complete the forms and then delivered the ballots to the election division of the Union County Clerk’s Office.

The Union County Democratic Machine has turned out in-force to deny the charge. Anyone who views these ballots would see how convoluted their denial is. There is nothing to be confused about. Most of these ballots have the same distinct markings of a blue felt pen throughout. As if someone sat down and finished filling them out "maybe" after the voter put a pen to them.

Desiree’s attorney stated “It’s like a campaign worker going into the voting booth with the voter,” “They hovered over the voters while they were voting absentee. It would be illegal, of course, for someone to go into the voting booth with a voter, and it’s just as illegal to do this.”

A forensics expert hired by Dansereau stated in an affidavit that he could say with a reasonable degree of certainty that entries on absentee ballots purported to have been prepared by individual voters were in fact completed by a single person.

Judge Malone didn’t consider this when he threw the case out last month. He claimed Dansereau’s argument was “convoluted, contradictory and confusing.”

Over 2 dozen people studied the ballots at the Board of Elections shortly after the election. There were so many of us in the room latecomer would be supporters were sent home because of the lack of working space. We all saw those ballots and are witnesses to the voter fraud that occurred in Roselle.

Christine Dansereau's courageous battle for this seat has proven she is a model of a great public servant. It will not only be Roselle’s loss if this voter scam is able to pass through the legal system unpunished. If they can pull this off you can be sure that this scam could be coming to your home town soon. Dansereau isn’t only fighting to win an election, this fight is about our basic liberties and as former Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis once poetically opined “courage is the secret of liberty”.

A Superior Court appellate panel on September 1, reversed Judge Malone’s decision to dismiss the case. They ruled that Malone was too narrow and restrictive in his view of the law in dismissing the matter and yet...they sent the case back to the very same narrow minded Judge John Malone, the former Democrat Chairman, whose wife works for Mayor Chris Bollwage.

Dansereau’s attorney is wisely looking into a change of venue.

Where do we go from here when the Union County Court system is failing us? When the Union County Board of Elections can’t seem to get a grip on running honest, equitable elections? Make no mistake about it. Our very liberties are at stake. Freedom isn't free, we each have a personal responsibility to preserve it.

Our government... teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy. Justice Louis D. Brandeis
Source: Olmstead v. United States, 1928