July 27, 2006

We'll Have You Processed and On Your Way in JUST ONE MINUTE Mr. Goore

It’s no wonder Goore choose the Elizabeth DMV to restore his license -- It literally only takes a minute to process the paper work.

"This is a service of Freeholder Angel Estrada. I'm connected to you!"

Previously reported in the Bergen Record, Farber said Goore drove her personal car from their North Bergen home to the Elizabeth motor vehicle agency.

Records show that Goore's license was restored at 10:57 a.m. – little more than a half-hour after he left the Fairview checkpoint, according to officials at the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Mapquest estimates the time it takes to travel from the Farber/Goore household to the Elizabeth DMV office at 65 Jefferson Ave. is 29 minutes. (total est. distance: 18.18 miles)

It literally took one minute for Gore to stand in Line with Freeholder Estrada to renew his license.

According to Wally Edge at PoliticsNJ.com:

The MVC has offices in North Bergen, where Goore lives, and also in Irvington, where he works. If Goore, for some reason, didn't want to use the local office in North Bergen (located 1.37 miles from his home), the MVC has seven offices closer to his home than Elizabeth: Jersey City, Lodi, Englewood, Wallington, Newark, East Orange, Bayonne. If Goore was going during his lunch hour (he works for the Township of Irvington), and didn't (for some reason) want to use the local office located 1/2 mile from his office, he could have made it to East Orange, Newark or Sprinfield faster than Elizabeth.

"I called my friend Angel Estrada. I wanted to tell him that Hamlet was trying to get in touch with him." -- N.J. Attorney General Zulima Farber, who says she called Estrada, a Union County Freeholder and manager of the MVC office in Elizabeth, to tell him that her live-in boyfriend, Hamlet Goore, was coming down to straighten out problems with his drivers license and car registration. Goore stood in line with Estrada. (The Record, 07/23/96)

If we are to believe that this standing in line took place than we would have to believe that it literally took about one minute for Goore to drive home from the checkpoint, arrive in Elizabeth, park his car, greet Farber’s good friend Freeholder Estrada and then stand in Line with him to renew his license.

I would hope the investigation into this incident includes a review of Goore’s EZPASS account and a video review of who stood in line in Elizabeth. I for one won’t be shocked when we’re told the video equipment wasn’t working that day. Faulty video equipment is a common occurrence in Union County.

Gore was lucky Estrada was at the office and not traveling on official business that day: