July 24, 2006

GOP Criticism of 'Directions' Spurred by Watchers Posts

In today's Star-Ledger, Union County Democrats deny that their Union County Directions newsletter - a publication featuring elected officials that is mailed to voters at around election time - is not political at all.

You can read the article, including a quote from our own blogger Pat Quattrocchi, who's runninng for freeholder, here.

Missing from the Ledger article is the fact that the latest Directions featured a screed by Sen. Raymond Lesniak, D-Elizabeth, against the Elizabeth Board of Education, which is stacked with opponents of Mayor Chris Bollwage and Lesniak.

If the newsletter is not political, then why is Sen. Lesniak blasting his political opponents?

If the newsletter is not partisan then why wasn't Elizabeth school board stalwarth Rafael Fajardo, who was accused by the pot (read Lesniak) of being black with corruption, given a chance to respond in the same publication?

Please. If that newsletter isn't political then grits ain't grocery and Paris Hilton is a classy broad.