February 09, 2006

From Elizabeth:'Throw out free-spending, disgraceful pols!'

The following is a letter to The County Watchers:

Here we go again! Now that the Union County government reorganization meeting is over and the wordy, worthless speeches by the politicians are gone with the wind along with their fake and phony toothy grins, it is time to screw John and Jane Q. Public once again!

County taxes will rise 5.5 percent this year under a $413 million budget county, manager George Devanney proposed to freeholders on Jan. 17. The hike will be the county's sixth since 2000 and will mean county taxes have risen 45 percent in six years.

The proposed budget represents a 5.9 percent increase from last year's $390 million. The freeholders will begin "debating" (time out while I indulge in a side-splittin', belly-bustin' and rafter-rockin' round of laughter) the budget in February and pass (unanimously, no doubt) a final version by May.

What an outrageous state-of-affairs in Union County government! Once again, the smug, arrogant and asinine assemblage of Darling Dems ride roughshod over the taxpayers with impunity.

These pathetic punchinello's, with their 9-0 lock on "our government" continue to do as they wish, despite repeated calls for financial and ethical reforms. These bold, insensitive, shameless, and self-serving denizens of the public trough are a disgrace and an outrage!

The legions of half-wits and party loyalists who voted them into office are equally guilty and have betrayed the citizens of Union County. They have sacrificed true democratic representation in order to keep the political puppets in power. They worship well before the altar of the party bosses! Their prostrated positions suit them well! Their whipped, whining and whimpering chorus of "your wish is our command oh mighty and magnificent ones" echoes throughout the sordid and sleazy halls of the Democratic Party's fiefdom. Shame and disgrace on all responsible.

Once again, I draw on my own words from the past and declare that it is time for the good people of this county to wake up and wise up and storm the steps of government with voting ballot in hand and cast out these political parasites and brazen bureaucrats who turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to their constituents' concerns!


Joseph P. Doherty
Elizabeth, New Jersey