August 28, 2005

No More Peanut Gallery

Dear Reader,

I knew it was bound to happen and it did: The time has come to shut down the public comments section of our blog.

This always happens to every message board on the 'net. People use it, and then a few come along who abuse it.

Message boards have been successfully sued by people who claimed to have been libeled on them.

I have neither the time nor the patience to comb through every post looking for indecency, libel, defamation or whatever.

Poster Bob Milici and another poster by the name of "Corruptious" used this forum to go back and forth about their personal lives.

Although Mr. Milici apparently played along with the name calling and mudslinging, as of last Friday he changed his mind.

In an e-mail note copied to an apparent attorney, he writes:

"Ms. Renna:

"This is an official request for you to remove the posts allowed on your blog by you and your friend B. Keane, otherwise known as your poster CORRUPTIOUS that refer to any of any of my personal life, all posts, which are untrue.

"While I don't mind disagreeing with your political views and reading your bantering, I demand that those posts regarding my personal life be deleted permanently.  This will be my only request for this.  Should it not be done, I will seek legal means through my attorney to accomplish removing the untrue slandering remarks made by you and Mr. Keane.

"Bob Milici

cc: Mr. Gary Bundy; Esq"

So, no more posting from anybody. If you'd like to comment, please send us an e-mail. And enjoy reading the site!

Sergio Bichao,