August 18, 2005

Meeting agendas are being kept from public

In an August 4 editorial, The Westfield Leader bravely stated "The county needs to do a better job of making meetings more informative and open to citizens if they truly are 'connected to you.' After all, county officials serve at the will of the people not the other way around."

The Leader also raised the question as to why the county can't post meeting agenda's on the county website. The Union County Watchdog Association finds further fault with this by questioning why the county not only doesn't post their agendas on their taxpayer funded website as we do on our's ( ) but they go the extra step of keeping people out of the political process by not releasing their agendas to the public until the night of the meeting. This is unacceptable and is a blatant political ploy to disengage the public.

Also noted in the Leader editorial is the lack of business being conducted at freeholder meetings. It is obvious to anyone who has attended meetings in the past few years, and watched the freeholders unanimously vote on resolutions with no discussion at all, that the business of the people is being conducted outside of the public view; WHICH IS ILLEGAL.

The Leader editorial went on to question why tapes are not released to the public access cable stations as they've been in the past. They quote Freeholder Angel Estrada as having said that the reason they don't release VHS tapes to be aired on cable any longer is because of the poor quality of the recordings of the meetings.

I found this particularly interesting because I obtained through OPRA a VHS tape of the December 17, 2004 meeting which has Freeholder Angel Estrada: trying to keep Edward Sinclair's mother from speaking; ordering me removed from a meeting for speaking past my allotted 5 minutes; and then going on a diatribe about the Juvenile Detention Center "while it is unfortunate that Sinclair did die it is none of this board's fault".

Mr. Estrada, I have about 12 inches of documentation which proves that it was all of the boards dam fault and then some. Let me know if you'd like a copy. I charge $0.75 a page for copies and I accept requests

I transcribed Estrada's rantings and passed it around not only to the press (in vain) but to several lawmakers in the hopes that the state will be given more oversight of county detention centers because the county can't be trusted with the responsibility. The tape is very good quality; which is why of course they are not released to the public cable stations. In fact meeting tapes are much better quality than the freeholder forum propoganda shows which are aired ad nauseam.

There is something very sick about a society located in the U.S.A. when a watchdog has to refer to a publisher as being brave in regards to exposing bad government practices. Kudos to Publisher Horace Corbin and his staff at the Westfield Leader. This editorial exemplifies why the press is so crucial to our democratic process. Even though the county ignored the editorial at least the Leader's readers are well informed.

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