June 10, 2008

Summit calls for freeholders to be elected by district

On June 4, 2008 the Summit Town Council passed a resolution calling for certain Union County Freeholders to be Elected by District.

WHEREAS, all County residents deserve a greater voice in the manner by which they are governed; and

WHEREAS, if the County layer of government must remain existent here in New Jersey, then, as a matter of fundamental fairness, a more proportionate distribution of our County Freeholders should be derived so as to better reflect, and daily represent, our County’s diverse population, demographics and needs; and

WHEREAS, at least two of our peer Counties here in New Jersey have commendably already implemented some degree of Freeholder representation “by District” -- as opposed to having all of their Freeholders merely serving “At-Large”; and

WHEREAS, when a Union County Charter Study Commission recommended (and voters then approved) our current County Manager form of government, it did not specifically address the Freeholder selection process.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Common Council of the City of Summit, as follows:

That the current provision for choosing our Freeholders entirely at-large is fundamentally unfair, as it is not sufficiently representative of our County’s diverse population, demographics and needs.

That we hereby request that the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders adopt a resolution to better, i.e., more democratically, “seek the will of the people” by having eight (8) – or, at least four (4) – of our Freeholders henceforward elected by smaller geographic Districts instead of all nine (9) being “At-Large”.

That this Charter question be placed upon the November 2008 election ballot.

That a copy of this resolution be sent to the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders and all Union County Municipalities.

Dated: June 4, 2008

I, David L. Hughes, City Clerk of the City of Summit, do hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was duly adopted by the Common Council of said City at a regular meeting held on Wednesday evening, June 4, 2008.

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