May 12, 2008

Sinclair suicide still haunts taxpayers

On March 24, 2008 another employee lawsuit was filed in Superior Court. Here are some excerpts of the complaint:

11. On May 10, 2003, Mr. Hamilton witnessed the suicide of a teenaged resident. This event left Mr. Hamilton psychologically scarred, and required extensive psychological care.

12. During this event, Mr. Hamilton entered the cell, loosened a sheet that had been tied around the teen’s neck, lowered the boy, removed the noose from around his neck, and immediately reported the incident and requested assistance for the resident as there was no onsite medical staff.

13. Mr. Hamilton reported to the shift commander, Senior Officer Louis Gray, that the room where the youth resident was being held was dangerous because it was a “suicide threat,” but because the facility was over crowded, the county disregarded safety protocol.

14. In fact, the youth’s parent’s sued the county as a result of this incident and revoked monies for the facilities wrongdoing.

19. …due to the work environment and the witnessing of the suicide, Mr. Hamilton took a leave of absence.

28. When Mr. Hamilton returned from his 10 ½ month leave of absence, he was placed back on the 7:00 am to 3:00 pm shift, however due to his depression, and the medication he was taking, he had great difficulties making the 7:00 am shift.

29. At this point, the county issued Mr. Hamilton a notice of discipline for “lateness.”

34. Mr. Hamilton again requested for a shift change, and formally applied for said shift change, but was again denied.

36. In 2006, after Mr. Hamilton returned to duty, and during said time, he witnessed an incident which involved a sexual relationship between a guard, and a youth resident which comprised of a daily fraternization and even sex.

37. Based upon a search of the youth’s room, Mr. Hamilton found handwritten letters that had lipstick and perfume, as well as typed written letters from the guard.

38. Mr. Hamilton submitted a report detailing his findings to Senior Officer Brian Koon.

39. Mr. Hamilton’s accurate report detailed the sexual relationship, which was also corroborated by other guards as well as evidence found in the youth’s room.

41. The acts of the guard where clearly illegal and of serious public importance and were being swept under the rug because of her close relationship with superiors.

43. The allegations of the sexual affair resulted in an investigation which found that Mr. Hamilton’s allegations were accurate.

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