April 20, 2008

Indictments are my end game

I receive anonymous mail often which obviously comes from people on the inside of the Democrat machine. I appreciate the tips, but don’t think this is enough to bring indictments. You need to find the courage to trust the State’s Attorney General’s office and not only send them this info, but call them and give your name in complete anonymity.

If you’ve wondered why your information about criminal activity doesn’t appear on this blog it’s because this blog isn’t my end game. Posting this information would be more helpful to the criminals than it would be to law enforcement. Don’t expect me to take your tips about criminal activity and go poking around into documents either. I accept that I am an amature. Telling them what we’re looking at will only set the paper shredders on overdrive.

These tips have to be followed-up with information. Information that can only come from the person on the inside, sure I pass the info you send me on to the State and Federal Attorney Generals’ office, but I doubt its much help.

You also have to remember that corruption is rampant across this state. If we want law enforcement to spend their precious resources to clean up Union County Government than we have to earn their attention. Chris Christie has a great track record for convictions, but that is more likely do to his office going after strong cases that he can win. That takes people on the inside that are willing to help. Neither attorney generals office has unlimited resources.

These days I think our best bet for indictments in Union County will be from the State Attorney General’s office. I implore you to trust the *State’s Attorney General’s office. If you really want to clean up Union County government, you’ve got to step up and trust law enforcement with your tips about what’s going on behind the administration buildings doors and know that they will protect you.

And you – yeah you with the smirk on your face, you think you’re an insider and your safe. I firmly believe that you have to watch how people treat others, because sooner or later they are going to treat you the same way. I don’t care if you think you're the nephew’s best friend, how stupid you are to think that a man with the morals of a flea that can leave his pregnant wife and young children could ever remain loyal to you. Look at the people who came before you and protect yourself.

*Note that I am not telling you to trust the Union County Prosecutor’s Office.

If you suspect criminal activity in Union County Government please contact:

NJ State Attorney Generals Office
Detective John Pizzuro
(609) 984-7032