December 01, 2007

Cocktail Party Talk

Imagine a buffet table somewhere in Union County:

Hey Joe, how is that new business venture of yours going?

Pretty good Ray, but could be better.

What seems to be the problem Joe?

Just some pesky state regulations Ray that are getting in the way of our tapping a specific target market for our service.

Sometime Later>>>>>>

According to its synopsis, a bill, introduced in the NJ State Senate in October of 2006 by State Senator Raymond J Lesniak, a Union County Democrat, permits title insurance companies and agents to offer certain inducements in connection with the business of title insurance. There is no companion bill in the assembly at this time.

Has anyone else noticed this proposed piece of legislation which pertains only to title insurance companies and agents?

It is certainly interesting that other high ranking Union County Dems just happen to own shares in a title insurance company, “Camelot Title Agency LLC" in Woodbridge, NJ. They are said to be Union County Democrat Committee Chairwoman/Director Union County Improvement Authority/Legislative Aide to Neal Cohen - Charlotte DeFilippo who has had personal and business records subpoenaed by the State of NJ and Assemblyman/ NJ Democratic State Chairman/Union County Undersheriff - Joe Cryan, both appear to hold shares in the company and both are also Union County employees.

Surely there are those who would rather that this little extra tidbit of information not be put out there, but hey, to think that these people don’t talk to each other would certainly be naive to say the least. Could it be that title insurance companies/agents are one of Mr. Lesniak’s special interest groups? Where did his inspiration to craft and sponsor this piece of legislation come from originally? Was this just a case of incredibly bad, bad timing? Certainly doesn’t look good; does it?