November 01, 2007

Union County served with subpoenas

I've been hearing that last week the New Jersey State Attorney General's office served subpoenas at the Union County Improvement Authority where the Director is the Union County Democrat chairman Charlotte De Filippo.

There is no way for the public to verify this information. The truth will be told eventually and another subpoena involving political corruption served up in New Jersey at this low point in its history is not shocking. Especially if it involves De Falippo running county business along with party business from her dining room table. No secret there. The Improvement Authority’s headquarters at 10 Cherry Street didn’t even bother to have Internet service installed until this past June. With past puppet Attorney General’s like Zalima Farber and Peter Harvey why bother to put up much of a front?

What will be another blow to New Jersean's faith in their State and their institutions is whether or not the Star-Ledger will suppress the news until after Election Day.