July 23, 2007


Is She Caught In Her Own Web???

The County Watchers just learned that Chairwoman of the Union County Democratic Committee and Director of the Union County Improvement Authority Charlotte DeFilippo's request to have the suit filed against her by a former county employee dismissed has been denied.

Though there will not be a change of venue to another county, as petitioned for by the employee, the case will be handled by a different jurist who is said not to have extensive political ties.
(see posting below "Charlotte's Web" - Is the County's Early Retirement Program Really Voluntary?)

High profile individuals are said to be involved in the forced retirement of a long term, civil service county employee who it appears has decided that he is not going to allow himself to be a victim of insensitive, illegal political manuvering of his livlihood and self esteem. The case will be an interesting one to watch.