June 12, 2007

$30,000 Shared Services Ad Hoc Committee has nothing to share with us

In 1999 the County of Union passed a resolution which established an Ad Hoc Committee to be known as the Union County Shared Services Committee. The Committee was composed of seven (7) members that were supposed to serve a term of two (2) years which term may be extended in order to complete any pending report. They were to be compensated $3,000.00 per annum. The resolution then goes on to list 9 tasks the committee was charged with. It appears that the Committee disbursed in 2001 after being compensated $30,000 collectively and there is no proof that they ever met.

What did these seven politically connected committee members do to earn their collective $30,000? Township Commissioner George Jorn of Cranford, who was paid $4,500.00 to serve on the committee had no pubic comment when, myself and then 2 other residents publicly commented on the subject during Cranford’s meeting this evening.

The county has no documentation regarding what the taxpayers received for their $30,000. An Open Public Records Act request seeking the following documents was returned that no documents existed:

Meeting minutes and all reports, recommendations and correspondence of the Shared Services Advisory Board since its inception to present.

The only documents the county released were those that showed what the commissioners were compensated.

1. George Jorn Cranford (Township Commissioner) $4,500.00
2. Patricia Plante, Fanwood (Patricia & Thomas Plant are Democrat Committee members) $4,500.00
3. Michael Crincoli, Garwood (former Mayor) $3,750.00
4. Angelo Bonanno, Hillside (former Health Inspector) $4,500.00
5. Carmela Colosimo, Kenilworth (former Councilwoman) $3,750.00
6. Gregory Kinlock, Roselle Park (former Councilman) $4,500.00
7. Jodi Bergen, Springfield (Jodi & Bruce Bergen are Democrat Committee members) $4,500.00

Resolution 963-99 View HERE

Shared Services OPRA response no docs View HERE

Shared Services Board Compensation View HERE