April 09, 2007

Public needs to be educated about Lesniak's Fiefdom

American Heritage Dictionary:
fief·dom (fēf'dəm) Pronunciation Key n.
1. The estate or domain of a feudal lord.
2. Informal. anything, as an organization or real estate, owned or controlled by one dominant person or group.
The Union County Watchdog Association calls on Senator Raymond Lesniak to form a coalition against "nepotism, cronyism and pay to play".
After having to endure jokes at the hands of shock jocks "The Jersey Guys" on radio station 101.5 FM for what he labels "ethnic slurs, anti-gay comments and religious hate speech", State Senator Raymond Lesniak (D-Union) quickly acted to form the "Coalition Against Bigotry and Hate". The coalition plans to send the station's advertisers and investors transcripts containing comments made on the air, most of which were directed at the Senator. "Our goal today is to educate" said Lesniak at a press conference.

Now if only the media and/or the radio jocks who people chose to listen to for "entertainment" and not "news", could do their job of exposing the senator's ties to over billing school districts for legal services, his many, many family members who have public jobs starting with his nephew who is the appointed Union County manager in charge of a 413-million dollar budget, his voting record and influence peddling on everything from pension padding legislation to rail road reactivations, perhaps the powerful senator would be moved to defend himself again and will quickly form a coalition against "nepotism, cronyism and pay to play" and this state might finally see some "real" ethics reform legislation and property tax relief.
Tina Renna
Union County Watchdog Association, Inc.