October 16, 2006

AG is asked to investigate county

For Immediate Release:

Today the Union County Watchdog Association has submitted three separate requests to the State Attorney General’s Office, asking for investigations.

1) Freeholders relative profited from 2-million dollar no-bid contract
Union County Freeholder Deborah Scanlon’s sister, Diane Papst, was allegedly involved in a 2-million dollar no-bid contract awarded in a business deal that was not conducted in public view. View complaint by clicking here.

2) Open Public Meetings Act Enforcement
Although the Union County Prosecutor’s office was diligent in quickly enforcing the OPMA on four occasions, that we are aware of, the UCWA complaint against the power-broker backed Union County freeholders appears to be dragging along. View complaint by clicking here.

3) Union County Prisoners being inappropriately sent home on wristlet monitoring devises
This request, which involved a county employee who is alleged to be a close friend of the County Manager, was originally submitted to Attorney General Farber in May 2006. A response was never received from Farber’s office. In light of recent revelations which have shown Farber’s close relationship to Union County Freeholder Angel Estrada, the UCWA has resubmitted our request for an investigation to the new Attorney General Stuart Rabner. View complaint by clicking here.

In other UCWA complaint news:
1) The New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Commission acknowledged receipt of our complaint regarding the Music Fest today; Click HERE to view video footage of the illegal drinking that went on in the V.I.P. tent.

2) An ELEC complaint is pending. The county has recently spent $163,938.75 tax-dollars airing a commercial which stars a freeholder who is up for re-election. They have also spent approximately $60,000 on a mailer sent to every county postal patron last week. Because we are sure that there will be more tax-payer funded campaigning featuring fat cat Al Mirabella, we will hold off and file one fat ELEC complaint after Election Day.