May 08, 2006

Hello taxpayers?....

In 2005 over 7-million tax dollars were spent on Union County phone services. So why is it you can never get a freeholder on the phone to answer questions about tax expenditures?

The $7,004,949 spent on phone services in 2005 divided by 2,981 county employees comes to: $2,349.86 per employee

A quarter million dollars for cell phones is a bit outrageous don’t you think? $61,656.42 for Blackberrys? Does your company give you a Blackberry? And pagers too! $25,578.00 worth OH MY!!

You can view all expenditers by cliking here. Just a few of my favorites are:

Phone Service:

Cell Phones:



It seems that the county installed a new phone system which began back in 2004. I searched back to 2002 and couldn’t find a resolution authorizing the contract. Hmmmm

Consultedge phone system replacement (only the 2005 expenditure is included in the total 2005 figure):
Total spent to date: $1,324,206.20:
2006: 116,740.00
2005: 358,927.14
2004: 848,539.06

Tomorrow we'll take a look at what county employee's internet service is costing the taxpayers.