October 03, 2005

A County Hack Has Something to Say

Thought we'd all benefit from knowing what the flock is thinking.

From Bob Milici:

"Tina: Can't you get your facts straight?

"'The Union County Watchdog Association is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization working on behalf of the residents and taxpayers of Union County monitoring the activity of county government and advocating change to eliminate waste, corruption and incompetence. We will be monitoring these 2005 ELEC abuses closely'

"1) You are hardly nonpartisan. You work directly on behalf of Republicans
"2) Monitoring what "abuses"? Has anyone been found guilty of an abuse? No. Just in your mind, but not in anyone's who matters.
"3) "Working on behalf of residents of Union County"? Who asked you to? Were you elected as our advocate? Face it. You're working on behalf of Tina and Joe Renna."

The End.