September 11, 2005

Mission accomplished!

A message from the President of the Union County Watchdog Association, Inc.

This week a fellow watchdog responded to my email update regarding the Union County Improvement Authority being sent to the OPRA Dog House for not providing their meeting minutes in electronic format, thereby hindering our goal to place them on our website for public access. He volunteered his help and promptly scanned the minutes so they could be posted immediately. These chain of events brought every word of our mission statement to life. As a watchdog organization we have put our government on notice - their backdoor politics and closed government practices will not be tolerated.

Considering our organization is so new I found this quick spanking of the Improvement Authority to be an incredible accomplishment. In the short time that we have become organized our founding members dreams for this watchdog group have become real. Through sharing information we were able to quickly pull together as a community of concerned citizens and thwart the all powerful county government’s attempt to keep information from the public! We have become larger than a one person mission for information, larger than a handful of fed up taxpayers feeling powerless or doing what they can as individuals to find information and hold county government accountable.

By joining forces, by sharing information, resources, time and talents, we have accomplished our mission, we are shining a light on Union County government. And we’ve only just begun! Our email list is growing so keep up the good work of spreading the word and asking friends and family to join the list. Information is power and, as proven this week, you never know who you might inspire to take action.

Your all doing a great job. Thank you!

"Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their government, for whenever things go so far wrong as to attract their notice, they can be relied on to set things right." - Thomas Jefferson

The Union County Watchdog Association, Inc. mission statement:

The Union County Watchdog Association is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization working on behalf of the residents and taxpayers of Union County monitoring the activity of county government and advocating change to eliminate waste, corruption and incompetence.
The Union County Watchdog Association will act as a vehicle for the public to make their voices heard in the political forum, and to participate in the legislative process, holding elected officials accountable. We strive to make county government more transparent by gaining access to public records and being a public resource for information.
The Union County Watchdog Association believes that good government can only be achieved through a checks and balance system that includes the watchful eye of the people.